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Founded in the year 1999 with the Innovative Perception & Motive of being One Step Ahead RD Mobile Accessories has been leading Mobile Accessories Brand with largest manufacturing and flying sped of growth. In addition to heavy presence in India, RD has been successful in Gulf and African countries.

Bollywood Actor & Equestrian Mr. Randeep Hoda was our Brand Face, RD has achieved its desired distinction and passion for eventful designs with cutting -edge technology that can be seen in all our products. RD Mobile Accessories deals in vast range of Wired, Wireless and Sporty Accessories comprises of High Quality Chargers, Cables, Power Banks, Wired Earphones, Headphones, Wireless Speakers, Wireless Headset, Mobile Holders, Batteries and much more.

RD Mobile Accessories has been expanding and flourishing under the Direction and Guidance of our young Leader & Director Mr. Narayan Rathod, with his upgraded perspective, modern ideas and foresightedness we are being developing at rapid rate. Our firm has International presence with our corporate office in the heart of Mumbai which provides us to massive Indian market. RD Mobile Accessories has presented High Quality and A grade standard with competitive prices. This stability has made our products acclaimed acceptance across Pan India and beyond. We ensure that all our accessories comply with ever changing customer needs. Our pursuit of best quality low prices and prompt after sales response has earned our company long standing client relationship.

RD Annual Employee Meet

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At the age of 17, Narayan started managing and taking active part in the business with the help of his elder brother Chetan Rathod (Founder of RD Group). While pursuing his studies he had the vision and passion for his work and the quality of being an entrepreneur always kept him focused and involved in the RD Group. After spending a substantial time in the organisation he made the decision of taking the RD Group a one step ahead at a prospect level and expanding it into the market of gadgets.

In 2017, at a young age he started his entrepreneur journey which was the game changer move of his life which made him One Step Ahead as his brand also defines the same– RD MOBILE ACCESSORIES! In the course of time he has learned, explored and achieved in the industry hence he is one of the most successful young entrepreneurs of India in the industry of electronic gadgets for RD Mobile Accessories.

Brand Story

When we say, ‘one step ahead’, the RD Accessories has strived to come so far, where we are manufacturing our product with facilities in India. When we started in 2017, we were taking baby steps to develop the devices and accessories like wired and wireless audio, Mobile Accessories and wearables. In the beginning, our audience was more of the tech geeks. People who love music, leisure and entertainment were the ones who bought our products like speakers and headphones. Later on, we saw that the trends started changing. People required gadgets to ease working from home. While working from home, you also need some time to unwind yourself. Our team came with the wide range of products to relax and charge you up wireless headsets, lightweight speaks, smartwatches, neckbands, etc. The whole idea is to make your life comfortable convenient with the added touch of design, smartness and performance.


Our Vision

Innovate; Upgrade; Expand!

Our Mission

To be the market player in the mobile accessories industry and penetrate world-wide with a prospect of successive reach.