1. Now a days smartphones have been used by 43.5% of the Indian population. Also their lifestyle has changed by inclining more towards fitness while using smart gadgets for lifestyle were considered as luxury, they have evolved into a necessity post pandemic.

  2. Considering the evolution, now we have started adopting smart gadgets like Bluetooth Smart Watches as one of the basic electronic devices for our daily uses. These watches are rapidly being replaced by normal time watches due to its multi-functions and modes which eliminates the role of many instruments for your balanced body track with an essence of style, pride and utility.

  3. The market is filled up by many brands which makes it difficult for consumers to decide or choose the BEST device for them. What makes a smart watch stand out from many choices are Battery Life, Easy, Comfort and Multi-purpose.

  4. RD Smart Watches are blue-printed to aggregate your daily lifestyle and fitness. As per the post pandemic situation, RD Smart Watches have become essential health accessories, slowly evolving from ‘want’ to ‘need’ category of wearable electronics. Moving forward with essential accessories, we have incorporated a variety of smart watches which are the best fit for you.

  1. 1. RD X - 8 Smart Watch

  2. X-8 Smartwatch
  1. How many of you really cared about your SpO2 level before Covid - 19? Not really right? But RD Smart watches always cared about your health & fitness and in-coperated this feature before the demand for oximeters went up. It takes a fraction of seconds to measure your body oxygen level through our smartwatch.

  2. Apart from monitoring your SpO2, the RD watch also measures and keeps record of your heart rate, sleep, steps, blood pressure, sedentary alerts, and breath mode. It has a 360 rotation screen and is easy to use with a manual to understand the functions.

  3. Available in multiple colours, personalise your watch with many watch faces to wear on the daily. Pair this with 8 sports modes and advanced health monitoring for your fitness essential kit. Real time workout report and comparison of your performance, progress which makes RD X-8 has first and foremost power pack smart device for the smart audience.

  1. 2. RD X - 12 Smart Watch

  2. X-12 Smartwatch
  1. As the image describes, 1.69 inches display size which is the industry’s biggest size smart watch, RD X - 12 is accomplice to endeavour your fitness gap and the most trusted training buddy designed to release fitness potential of yourself. Get live time workout reports of your performance and measure progress.

  2. It has 15 sports modes which can track your progress through multiple activities with ease, style, consistency and efficiency. It has multiple sport modes of your choices right from Walking, Running, Cycling, Hiking, Tennis, Dance, Skipping, Treadmill, Basketball, Badminton, Spinning, Football, Yoga yo Pingpong, additional feature of body and skin temperature to keep a track of our entire process for optimization and maximum efficiency. 24/7 heart rate, SPO2, Sleep track, BP, Breathe, IP67, Sedentary Reminder, Calorie Consumption, Sports Pedometer Mode which makes RD-X12 the best smartwatch for fitness in India.

  1. 3. RD X - 15 Smart Watch

  2. X-15 Smartwatch
  1. RD X - 15 smartwatch has a circular dial with a bezel ring. With a 1.3 inch full touch HD display, it has a crown button placed on the right side of the dial, which is decently flexible. It is a best fit for people with an active regime and fashion. The RD X -15 is the perfect blend of stylish looks and needed lifestyle application which makes the process easier. It is available in 3 different colours.

  2. It has a 200mAh long lasting battery of 8 days, perfect for a small vacation with an assurance that you will never run out of juice even without a charger. Due to its rotating UI, it becomes easier to function and get addictive use to it. It supports ISO8.0 & Android 5.1 & above. The best part of this smartphone is Bluetooth Calling, Attending and Voice Assistant features which makes things easier.

  3. An IP67 water rating, 7+ Sport modes, SpO2, Calorie Consumption, Sports Pedometer and other advanced health monitoring are other essential features of this smartwatch.