1. We are here in time to help you choose the right choice for your gorgeous wrist. In today's era, when the world is running rapidly, it has become vital for you to track your steps too. Well, if you gotta run, you better do it the fitness way — running from your issues doesn't count here. :)

  2. Smartwatches in 2022 are climbing the "must have" ladder. But no matter how vital they are to have; they also need to be pocket friendly. So, we have listed a guide to help you find the best smartwatches under 3000. We have all covered smartwatches for men, smart watches for women, and the best smartwatches for all under one roof at RD Accessories, mobile accessories wholesalers

  3. Without further ado, let's begin!

  1. Wave The Worries Away with RD X-12

  1. The beautifully designed Watch is RD's best fitness tracker smartwatch. Being one of the finest fitness tracker watches in the RD family, you can accessorise it with your outfit for its sophisticated looks. This smartwatch comes in four colours-Black, Gold, Pink and Blue. It has a superior 1.69' TFT colourful screen, to give you an aesthetic experience.

  1. Not only this, X-12 caters to the health nerds in you & updates you with exercise time, step counts, calorie consumption, sleep monitoring and more.

  1. Know more about this smart watch:

  1. 1. Superior display with 1.69 colour HD screen

  1. 2. This smartwatch has real-time health monitoring right on your wrist like any other watch!

  1. 3. It has a battery capacity of 200 MAH with multi-language fonts

  1. 4.This smartwatch is built for outdoor adventures with multi-screen touch and physical buttons

  1. 5. Keeps your fitness & wellness on track by monitoring your heart rate, sleep cycle, and fitness goals 24*7

  1. You can grab your X-12 Watch at just 2499/-

  1. Lite it Up with X-15 Smart Watch

  1. X-12 Smart Watch will also be there when you step out of your comfort zone. This is the best smartwatch to count the number of calories you burned and keep track of your workout sessions, with 15 active sports modes plus available modes.

  1. The sleek and premium-designed smartwatch helps in giving you accurate data for your sessions. X-15 Smartwatch is full touch, sleek and fashionable.

  1. Know what this watch does for you:

  1. • Answer the Phone

  1. • Dial the telephone

  1. • Heart rate/ECG/Temperature/BP calculator

  1. • Time/calendar display

  1. • step- distance

  1. • Calorie

  1. • BT Music control Bluetooth music playback Monitoring

  1. • Sleep monitoring

  1. • call reminder

  1. • SMS Alerts

  1. Turn the wrist and shine the screen. This smartwatch has made us the best mobile accessories wholesalers in the country. It has:

  1. 1. 1.69-inch HD full-touch display 2. 200 MAH Battery Capacity with G- sensor 3. Ultra-sleek & elegant metal body design 4. 15 active modes

  1. Now track your health with 24*7 monitoring & step up your game with 15 operational sports modes

  1. X-15 weighs light on your wrist & pockets coming at just 2299/-

  1. Not just this, every watch has a guided introspection feature to help you stay calm after a long day. All the smart watches for women & men are packed with a plethora of features that too under 3000! So, get yours now!

  1. Until next time, hustlers.