"Coolest Gadget of the year 2021 -Zee Business".

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  2. We hope you are as fit as a fiddle, and in this blog, we share our experience. Before you think anything else, we are talking about an award.

  3. Yes, fellas, you heard it right. Your very own mobile accessories brand got an award last year, making us the best wireless speakers wholesale in Mumbai.

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  5. The iconic coolest Gadget of the year award is the most prestigious award, and in 2021, we were lucky to get honoured by the title. The hard work we put in from planning, designing and executing our imagination into reality pays off. As we strive to grow, our expanding networks recognise Mumbai's best wireless speaker wholesalers.

  6. RD Accessories was awarded the coolest Gadget of the Year 2021 Award by Arbaz Khan. Mr Chetan Rathod & Mr Narayan Rathod were awarded by Arbaaz Khan for the excellence of business in manufacturing mobile accessories & electronic devices.

  7. RD Accessories has been in the market and creating new varieties of products for more than 20 years and cater to every segment. Our excellence has made us the best mobile accessories wholesalers in India. We are known for our high-quality audio devices & mobile accessories. And are widely famous for our elegant designs & cutting technology that can be noticed in our products. Our offering consists of perfectly designed and tested products to deliver an all-around experience to our customers. Our neckbands are elegant, chic and pocket friendly. It is, therefore, our best-selling product and bragged us the tag of Best neckband Wholesaler in Mumbai, India.

  8. Our Director says, "The entire team at RD Accessories & we always strive to give the best to our customers. Customer pleasure is our prime concern, and we keep elevating our designs to generate higher demand for our products in the market. We are grateful to the jury who has nominated us for this award & has recognised our hard work in the field of gadgets. We will always look forward to delivering & pleasing our customers."

  9. RD accessories are now the one-stop solution for any mobile accessories, from neckbands to phone stands. We have come far from where we started and have a long way to go. But we cannot outshine without you, who always trust us and help us shine bright in the gadget industry. Your love and support have made us the best mobile accessories wholesalers in India. Our best products are headsets, neckbands, watches, USB cables and more.

  10. We just reached one milestone, and yet we are to achieve many in our way to satisfy your needs. We are RD Accessories, the best neckbands wholesalers in Mumbai and strive to be the best mobile accessories wholesalers in India.

  11. Check out our new launches and best products on our website and be one step ahead with RD.

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