"Iconic meets Iconic: RD Accessories & Celebrities".

  1. You might be wondering why Iconic, what iconic, and what are we talking about

  2. RD Accessories is not just the beloved brand for the public but also the stars, making our channel partners, the best neckband wholesalers in India. Now, you might wonder about celebrities such as Bollywood stars. Yes, we are talking about influencers and the favourite musical band of India, Sanam.

  3. So hold your gust and read on to know more

  1. RD Accessories And Influencers

  1. Founded in 2002, RD has quickly expanded into markets in India, both metro and rural segments. We are the mobile accessories company that manufactures Bluetooth speakers, chargers, power banks, headsets, earphones, and spare parts. Therefore, we have the best Bluetooth neckband wholesalers in India. Our focus is on introducing products of good quality and elegant design with cutting-edge technology. Our wearables are vibrant and stylish for dynamic people of all age groups across India.

  1. The Star Sports show Host, Tanya Purohit, feels that RD Accessories promotes quality and superior products. Indian buyers today are very aware of what they buy. For them, quality is the prime thing they look for. Apart from quality, in a mobile accessory brand, variety also plays an important deciding factor. And our brand collaborations aided us in proliferating in the Indian Market, making us the best Bluetooth headphones wholesaler in India.

  1. RD Accessories believes in constant innovation. And as the leader in the category, our continuous innovation made us the most loved brand, so we are joyous to label our wholesale partners as the Bluetooth headphones wholesalers. The brand's prime concern is to keep striving for innovations and offer cutting-edge products.

  1. We are joyful to collaborate with many influencers like Akash Mishra and Anuja Patil as they are perfect for promoting our dynamic and stylish products among millennials. Moreover, they embody our idea of being a youth icon.

  1. RD Accessories And Sanam Band

  1. Sanam Band has grown into a vibrant music brand boasting an eclectic mix of music and celebration that has seeded music tourism in the country. SANAM and RD Accessories have evolved into lifestyle brands delivering and cherishing music experiences nationally.

  1. It is one of the most adored bands worldwide for its melody, audience interaction, and recreation of old Bollywood songs with preserving the originality with a touch of their essence.

  1. As a millennial audio brand, RD Accessories was proud to be the associate partner with this young, passionate band and will continue to partner with their events that resonate with our target audience.

  1. As our mission says Innovate; Upgrade & Expand, the brand will engage more in such events and expand in new markets. It will assist us in positioning ourselves as one of the leaders in the consumer electronics industry. It is because both of our target audiences are similar.

  1. That's our celebrity cast. Or should we say, celebrity love? Call it what you want to until we meet the next time.

  1. See you soon. Stay Grooving till then