Our Employees Are the Essence of What We Are.

  1. "Your company's employees are your greatest asset, and your people are your product."
                                                                                                   -	Richard Branson
  2. We believe in the same. Today RD Accessories has the networkIndia's best mobile accessories wholesaler because the founders and our peopleworked hard for it. We took baby steps while expanding our company, but in everything we did, we had one common motto: creating comfortable and smart products.

  3. There's so much that goes into creating one product, from planning to designing to executing. We are no experts, but we were able to do everything necessary because of our employees.

  4. When any idea strikes us, we discuss it with our people, who deliver their expertise and design elegant products. We are ahead of our competitors because we have a strong backbone of our employees.

  5. We at RD Accessories do not treat our workers as our employees but as family members. We take care of customer satisfaction and contribute to employee satisfaction. At RD Accessories, we strive to provide the best work environment to our employees.

  6. Employees are our most vital customers because they can provide crucial insights into the overall customer experience. But they are often ignored or neglected, and most companies do not view them as valuable assets – providing insights into the customer experience or brand ambassadors.

  7. RD Accessories is always upfront to provide our employees with the best, so they can give their maximum input to a great customer experience. And we are happy that we are successful in furnishing both.

  8. We have achieved many milestones, from minor too big, and we credit our success to our lovely workforce, who work passionately. Their contribution has gained us recognition as the best neckband wholesalers in India, and we are proud of it.

  9. We are also happy with the work of our employees because their hard work allowed us to collaborate with celebrities. Talking of the same, we feel joyous to get endorsed by various celebs like Sanam and Anuja Patil. It was possible because the products we built were relatable to them and the public.

  10. Another milestone is the award we were given by Zee Business for the coolest gadget of the year in 2021. It made us feel that we are achieving something to make people's lives easier and better. Again, it would not have been possible if it were not for our employees.

  11. RD Accessories is a leader in this industry because of our employees. We are currently the best accessories wholesalers in India. Our accessories range includes:

  12. - Neckbands
  13. - Bluetooth speakers
  14. - Earbuds
  15. - Bluetooth headphones
  16. - USB cables and
  17. - Phone holders
  18. Check our products to groove with RD Accessories, one step ahead in fulfilling your needs.

  19. Until we meet for the next time.