Top Three Tips for Setting Up Your SP-12, "Smart Wireless Soundbar with RD Accessories ".

  1. So, you've done it! You've only brought home the excellent SP-12 Smart Wireless Soundbar. Congratulations! Well, what else will make you read this blog? Our soundbar is classy and pocket-friendly. Oh, perhaps you still intend to buy it (excellent!), or maybe you just wanted some hot tips and tricks for placing your soundbar from us. Well, welcome! Let's get straight to it then…

  2. So, what is the best way to set up your soundbar? No, simply installing it under your TV won't cut it, champ. We know you don't wish to be in a situation where you're regularly turning down the volume when your Game of Thrones cuts to an epic battle, only to bump it up attempting to make out Khalisi's wispy, soft words. If only you had one ideal setting to rule them (audio) all…

  3. Just spare five more minutes for the three excellent tips we curated for you below:

  4. Placement is essential

  5. Selecting the correct place for your soundbar is the first step if you want your sound to be spot on. You must carefully follow these points:

  6. • Place the soundbar below the TV and make sure it is properly aligned.
  7. • Keep fair vertical space between the TV and the soundbar, and ensure that the latter is not blocking the former.
  8. • Avoid placing your soundbar inside a cabinet or on a shelf, as it can block the surround sound.
  9. • Avoid wrapping the soundbar with a cloth or plugging its front or sides with
  10. Thankfully, SP-12 Smart Wireless Soundbar's super sleek and lightweight profile means installation is never a hassle. Once you perfect the post, their 15W sound will bring your space to life during movie and match sessions! Therefore making our channel partners , the best wireless speakers wholesale in Mumbai.

  11. Don't stick it close to the wall

    Yup, there's a trend to flush objects and gadgets with the wall to give them 'support' or achieve a streamlined look. But don't repeat it with your soundbar. Keep it on the edge of the TV table, permitting enough space and air circulation. Our soundbar is wildly loved by the audience, so we take pride in having the best wireless speakers wholesale in Mumbai.

  12. Fill up your space to reduce echo

    So, your soundbar sounds gorgeous…except for the pesky echo in your room. That means your space is too reflective and open, turning it into an empty room that creates reverberations. The hack is simple: fill up your space! You can do that by placing art pieces or décor on your walls, adding denser curtains, or even putting a rug on the floor. To experience the best results, place the soundbar in your living room, giving you a theatrical feeling. You can get your SP Soundbar from RD Accessories.

  13. Ah, now you wish these tips were in the instruction manual, don't you? Well, we've indeed made a note of that.

  14. Go on now and get to work. Trust us, fam…once you get the setup right, you'll pat yourself on the back for getting our soundbar.