1. Okay, we know you people are curious to see how you can prevent your earphones from hurting, but let’s begin with some questions:

  2. • Do you own wired earphones packed inside your ears presently?

    • Or are they lying in bed, tangled in a mess?

    • Do you, by any luck, have ever used wire tape to cure a dying wire?

  3. If you said yes, you’ve come to the right place, friend. Like you, we also love wired earphones, and seeing them wilting away breaks our hearts!

  4. Don’t worry, friend, cause RD Accessories, which has the best earphones wholesale in Mumbai, got a plan for you. We have made a list of tips and tricks that you can use to boost the life of your favourite wired headsets:

  1. 1. Don’t Keep Them Plugged In

  1. Many of us have a cunning habit of keeping our earphones on our phones and laptops, even when they are not in use. And, of course, we don’t recall putting them there when we suddenly get up.

  2. Hence, always unplug your earphones after using them and set them securely where they cannot be stepped upon, sat upon, or just stretched unintentionally. And thus, as the lifespan increases, our brand value increases, so we have the best earphones wholesalers in Mumbai.

  1. 2. Coil the Cable Skilfully

  1. Never coil them like knitting yarn and load them in your bags! It will undoubtedly make the cables get bundled up. And then you will have to spend hours unravelling the mess, including some impatient pulling and lengthening. Our tips have helped many.

  2. So always wrap the cables safely, maybe into an ‘8’ to wrap them up! Avoid tight loops and never tie knots! It’s always sounder to keep them open!

  1. 3. Don’t Let the Cord Dangle

  1. Letting your cord dangle off the rim of your desk or from your pockets or bags can put undue strain. Since a dangling cord is bent at a 90-degree angle, it can crack at that point. And if you turn it back and forth at the same spot several times, it will definitely break.

  2. If you press or pinch the cord, it could even cause harm to the internal wire.

  1. 4. Pull the Plug, Not the Cable

  1. This is one of the usual reasons your headphones keep breaking. Pulling the cord causes strain to the point where the cable meets the plug. Over time, this pulling can cause the inner wire to break and detach from the pin.

  2. Another thing that can occur due to this unequal amount of stress is that one of the inner wires gets cracked, and you are left with only one side of the earphones working perfectly. This is not the case with RD Accessories. Since we have the best earphones wholesale in Mumbai, we design our wired earphones to cater to your needs.

  1. 5. Don’t Sleep with Your Wired Earphones On

  1. Some of us rely on music to put us to sleep. Be it soothing raindrops and whale voices. It helps us calm down and makes a comfortable setting wherein we can fall asleep quickly.

  2. We hope this list of advice was helpful and will aid you in increasing the lifespan of your favourite gadget!

  3. Happy listening!