Untangle Your Life with Our Amazing Mobile Accessories.

  1. How often has it occurred to you that a perfectly planned outfit doesn't look as good when you wear it? Your neat flawless attire wouldn't match your accessories, and all the planning goes in the flush! So, we will all agree that accessories play a vital role in enhancing our outfits.

  2. The same goes for our smartphones as well. Your sleek, intelligent phones need the perfect accessories to complement their efficiency and rendition. Now, of course, you know where we are heading with this.

  3. Here is a list of accessories that will disentangle your life and make your smartphones outshine!

  4. Go Smooth with RD LS-15 1 m Micro USB Cable

    We all know how vital a USB cable is for our devices. While choosing the cable, we must ensure it is compatible with the device. The LS-15 1 m Micro USB Cable is here for all your needs! It gives you 480 Mbps Rapid Charging and high-speed data transmission.

  5. Why do wireless earbuds have latency?

  6. Do you also fear your cables getting torn very easily? This Micro USB is made of braided lines that neither tangle nor get torn! So, make the right choice for a long-lasting, durable cable with the best Mobile Chargers wholesale in Mumbai.

  7. Ac-120 dual port USB charger for micro and type-c with 2.4A output

    Does charging your phone becomes harsh due to a shortage of socket? Well, do not worry, friend. We got you covered here as well. As we cater to your needs, we are happy to acknowledge ourselves as the best USB cable wholesale in Mumbai. We present the AC-120 dual port USB charger with 2 micro-USB pins and a 2.4 A current outlet. It is compatible with any USB charger and lasts for a longer duration.

  8. BS-02 Mobile Holder

    When it comes to being sporty and managing your phone. It's a task we get that. Imagine you went cycling and left kept your phone in your pocket, just to find that you are constantly worried it may drop off from your pocket at any time. We solved this question, too, as BS-02 mobile holders are made just for this purpose.

  9. As we manufacture phone holders to make your lives easier, we are happy as we have become the best phone holders wholesalers in Mumbai. The mobile holder comes in black colour and allows 360-degree rotation. The mobile holder will ensure you don't have to fumble around to find your phone at the end of the drive. Firmly holding on to the dashboard guarantees the safety of travel.

  10. Dual USB Car Charger

    Last but not least is the Dual USB Car Charger. Go for road trips without worries because your car chargers are there for you! The Dual charger charges four times faster than any standard charger. How cool is that!

  11. We are sure you have suffered from your device overheating and other issues like short circuits due to the lack of a compatible car charger. We all have been there, so we developed a Dual USB car charger, which became our bestseller and gave us the tag of USB cable wholesalers in Mumbai. This intelligent charger comes with Smart IC Protection that keeps all your overheating concerns at bay.

  12. So yes, mates. Choosing the right mobile accessories can significantly impact your mood and your phone's life.

  13. See you later, alligator.