“Why should you buy from RD Accessories headphones wholesalers in India? headphones wholesalers in India".

  1. We, humans, are advancing in every spear of our life, and how can we stay back in tech. As the tech progressed, we made our life easier with many accessories. RD accessories are one step ahead in providing the best mobile accessories, and also, we have best neckband wholesalers in India. We are manufacturing our product with a 100% manufacturing facility in India. Our manufacturing devices and accessories range from wired and wireless audio, Mobile Accessories and wearables.

  2. Our devices and accessories are comfortable, stylish, and in sync with the latest style trends. The categories of our devices range from:

  3. • Wireless Neckbands
  4. • Wireless Earbuds
  5. • Smartwatches
  6. • Wired Earphones
  7. • Mobile Stand
  8. • Wireless Speaker
  9. • USB Cables
  10. • Wireless Headphone
  11. • Led Lights
  12. • Rain Card
  13. • Promotional Items
  14. • Business Battery
  15. • Wireless Dongle
  16. • Bike Stand
  17. • Car Charger
  18. • Power bank
  19. • Car Stand
  20. • Travel Chargers
  21. • Microphone
  22. • Power bank Cable
  23. • Connectors
  24. • Aux Cable
  25. • Audio Cable
  26. Our listening devices, such as our neckband, which made us the best neckband wholesalers in India, are beautifully designed, long-lasting, affordable, and stylish. Its seamless connectivity makes the moment joyous. The neckband can be linked via Bluetooth just by staying on the neck. The high-quality audio makes your talk and music superb.

  27. “When we try to develop a new product, right from the planning, there are three core elements for the business. Style, comfort, and luxury are the three pillars. For this, we know that ideas and technology need to get in sync, and we believe that technology has empowered lives and will continue to do so. With this notion, we would always keep up with the trends and innovate the products which are just apt for the people”, says Mr. Narayan Rathod, CEO of RD Accessories.

  28. The key features of RD Accessories- the best neckband wholesalers in India, revolve around three elements.

  29. Comfort

    As humans, we all seek comfort in whatever we do or wear. Even when we buy clothes, we seek comfort. Then when we buy any devices or accessories, we seek comfort, too, and that's where RD accessories come into the picture. We manufacture devices that sync with the new style so that music enthusiasts can find grove to their rhythms and set up their mood, making us the network of best mobile accessories manufacturer in India.

  30. Style

    The lyric "we never go out of style" justifies RD accessories as our design never goes out of style. Many companies compromise on one thing, but things are unique and different at RD Accessories. We keep our buyers and their needs in focus while designing our products.

  31. The idea is to make your life comfortable and convenient with the added touch of design, smartness, and performance.

  32. Luxury

    With comfort and style, luxury is our motto too. We love it when our customers are joyous. Be it a mobile stand or an earpiece, we take utmost care in designing them all. Not only luxury but also giving the best technology to our customers. We started in 2017 and took baby steps to develop accessories like wired and wireless audio, Mobile Accessories, and wearables.

  33. In the beginning, our audience was more the tech geeks. People who love music, leisure, and entertainment were the ones who got our items like speakers and headphones from RD Accessories headphones wholesalers in India.

  34. We forever strive to stay one step ahead to give maximum customer satisfaction.