1. Most of us are tethered to our gadgets for at least some part of the day, listening to music, gaming, or watching videos on tablets, phones, or laptops. Our headphones are not only an accessory anymore - they are an extension of ourselves. And here's a guide from RD Accessories, which has the leading earbuds wholesale in Mumbai, to choose your earphones.

  2. How to find the 'right' ones?

  3. Is that a query that is bothering you as well? The sheer number of online earphone choices in type, shape, and size can be confusing! On top of that, many factors matter while choosing your headphones that you might not be aware of.

  4. Finding the perfect design for your ears

  1. 1. In-ear Design

  1. You may know them by diverse names like earbuds and in-ear headphones. These are the smallest and most portable types of earphones. They rest in the bowl above the ear canal, though a portion might extend into the channel. They have rubber tips to give you ease.

  2. Some sports-centric models come furnished with wings or fins for a custom and secure fit. These insert-style standards often form a seal to help keep out the outside noise when inserted into the canals. They are chic these days due to their stylish looks and comfort.

  3. Talking about the advantages of this design - the first thing that comes to mind is their tiny size and hence the portability they present. You can stuff them in your bags or carry them in your palm, and they don't mess up your hair or hinder your glasses or earrings! You can choose from the various range available at RD Accessories - the best earbuds wholesale in Mumbai.

  1. 2. Ear Clip Design

  1. If you find a middle ground between vast and extensive headphones and highly compact and mobile earbuds, then ear-clip design earphones are meant for you. In a lot of ways, they have the best of both. And we have a variety of listening devices that make us to channelize the best earbuds wholesale in Mumbai.

  2. These headphones are tight and have ear-loops to hold them in place. Mind you, they are not like ear tips, but a whole feature hook fits over the ears and links to your music device via Bluetooth or an audio jack. This makes them easier to carry than heavy headphones and comfier than earbuds.

  1. 3. Behind the Neck Design

  1. We are sure you already have seen people wearing these high-tech collars with headphones growing out the sides. They go around with names like - neckband headphones, collar headphones, or even behind-the-neck headphones. Regarding neckbands, RD Accessories has the best neckband wholesalers in India, and if you are looking to set up your accessories business, you can get in touch with us

  2. This distinctive style of structure offers multiple advantages. The first significant advantage is quite obvious, but it is still worth mentioning - they are around whenever you want them. Given that the earbuds are dangling around your neck, mere inches away from your ears, you won't have to surf in your bag or pockets when you want to listen to music or take a call.