1. Competition is everywhere.

  2. Take any field or industry; competition exists, tech, marketing, healthcare, anything. And then, this era of the internet gave every business to reach new heights using the power of the net to reach a global audience.

  3. And so, the competition got hard, but we are persistent. Our consistency helped us to become the best neckband Wholesalers in India. Even the best in the industry are constantly working hard to maintain their position in the market, and RD accessories is no different.

  4. We started RD Accessories one step ahead in 2017, taking baby steps, and today we have our global presence and our own manufacturing unit in India. The journey was neither easy, and we worked hard to be what and where we are today, but it would have been difficult if you, our buyers, didn't place their trust in us and your belief made us the best neckband Wholesalers in India.

  5. When thinking of our rivals, we try to see the positive side, that is, what makes us different from our competitors. In retrospection, we found that our work ethics are the key.

  6. At RD Accessories, we combine passion and purpose to design and deliver smart products.

  7. We lead with the three I's.

  1. Integrity

  1. Our core aim is to be honest and give the best to our customers, be it our stockist, super stockist, or shareholders. We always design our products keeping two elements in mind: style and comfort. With RD Accessories, any product you pick perfectly syncs with modern trends; thus, the RD accessories has the best neckband Wholesaler in India.

  1. Innovation

  1. We believe that we need to create something new to sustain anything we do in life. And in the competitive field of mobile accessories, it becomes vital to be innovative and always bring something new to maintain and thrive in business. Our innovativeness made us popular among our customers, so today, we have the best neckband Wholesalers in India. We currently have 500+ product ranges and are expanding our accessories range with our innovations.

  1. Intention

  1. Innovation without intention is like a life without a purpose. Our innovative products have one goal in common: to make your life easier. Our intention motivates us to always create the best quality products.

  2. RD has displayed reliable quality standards and competitive prices. This strength has made our products gain status across the nation.

  3. The three I's make us different from our rivals in the industry. Further, to Distributors and customers, we promise to provide quality products and greater services, and to employees, we commit to building up a pleasant work atmosphere of mutual respect.

  4. And also, we have been awarded the Zee Business award for the Coolest Gadget of the year 2021.

  5. And thus, we tag ourselves as one step ahead.