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  1. The latest products feature 250 Hrs Standby Time, which produces a well-balanced audio performance. The beats of your top songs will make your heartbeats tune along. Whether driving or cooking meals, moving to the moments in style will be your signature trend.

  1. Comfort-Fit

  1. Moving to the melodies has never been this comfortable before. We have designed with the latest technology to ensure optimal comfort, even if you wear them all day. Comfort is the key to amplifying a hearing experience, and M20 will assist you in giving a new meaning to endless grooving. Engage in long phone calls without worrying about the battery, and binge-watch your favourite shows seamlessly without irritation.

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  1. In the age of artificial intelligence, why should your earphones have you engage in manual efforts when it comes to the listening experience? With M20 Pro Neckband, you enable your smartphone's voice assistant with a single touch of a button. So, the next time you jump on the treadmill or need to congratulate your best friend on her new job, let Google or Siri take care of it for you while you move to your beats.

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