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  1. AUX Cable

  1. The Auxiliary Port (AUX) on a gadget is a standard communications port that bears audio signals. With the potential exception of some USB designs, you generally plug in the auxiliary cable through an auxiliary port when you put speakers, microphones, or headsets into a primary device. Many sell aux cables in bulk and retail, but our accessories are designed to keep your devices safe, having the best USB cable wholesale in Mumbai.

  1. Type C Cable

  1. USB-C (Type C data cable) is the new charging and communication standard. Its compact, reversible contact design makes it easy to plug in. USB-C cables can transfer far more power, allowing for charging larger devices such as laptops. While connections are not backward consistent, standards are. This will enable adapters to work with older gadgets. If you are a vendor looking to start your business, you can contact us- to become the best USB cable wholesale in Mumbai to become our partner.

  1. Car Charger

  1. A car charger is a gadget that connects to a 12-volt cigarette lighter outlet inside a car and then charges the battery of an electronic device like a mobile phone or MP3 player. A USB port or a simple power cord is usually used to link the cell phone to the car charger.

  2. Some high-end car chargers have two USB connections, allowing you to charge two digital devices simultaneously. These goods often include overload protection, short circuit safety, high voltage input guard, high-temperature security, and four security protection features to ensure safe usage.

  1. Power Bank

  1. In simpler words, Power Banks are portable mobile chargers. Power banks are more than just batteries: they have complex electrical circuitry that handles how they are recharged and power sources for other devices. Specifically designed internal circuits and modules offer all the intelligence to guarantee the charge level. So, the battery does not get overcharged.

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